11th EDF B Envelope State and Resilience Building Contract Post Hurricane Maria

11th (B-Envelope) EDF State and Resilience Building Contract Post Hurricane Maria:

  1. Construction of Regional Emergency Shelters

The overall objectives of the project are (1) the reduction in vulnerability and risk and (2) an increase in climate resilience at the community level. The specific objective is the construction of two regional emergency shelters (Jimmit and Castle Bruce), each specifically designed to provide a safe, family-friendly, climate resilient environment where persons can be protected from extreme weather conditions and be provided with a temporary respite until their previous residence is restored.

  1. Construction of Fifty Housing Units in the Kalinago Territory

The overall objective of the project is to support Dominica's aspiration to become a climate-smart and resilient country, thus contributing to the long-term sustainable economic development. The specific objective is to contribute to building a climate-resilient housing sector by rebuilding resilient homes in the Kalinago Territory.