Other Projects

Project Description Euro Mn XCD Mn
Air Access Improvement Programme Construction of Car Park & Terminal Building, Runway Extension & Night Landing, Installation of Navigational Aids, Fire & Rescue Equipment 16,902,449 50,707,346
Solid Waste Management Programme Construction of Sanitary Landfill, Management & Design Services 3,950,001 11,850,002
Banana Commercialization Irrigation & Drainage Systems, Inland Reception & Distribution Facilities; Farm Access Roads; BIT Administration and Management 4,484,460 13,453,379
Agricultural Diversification Agricultural Information Mgt Systems, Studies, Training; Off-Farm Infrastructure (Access Roads, Port & Post Harvest Facilities), Standards & Regulations (Laboratory) 3,796,150 11,388,449
Dominica Social Investment Fund Vulnerable Groups Fund, Community Support Fund, Social Services/Safety Nets Fund, DSIF Management: (local and Technical Assistance staffing, DSIF Board and office expenses) 4,400,000 13,200,000
Drug Demand Reduction Programme Institutional Development, Training, Awareness/Education & Community Activities 253,730 761,190
Dominica Planned Parenthood Association Family Life Educator 34,800 104,400
Waitukubuli National Trail Programme Infrastructure: construction, maintenance of trail and trail facilities, Marketing, Public Awareness, Education and Training, Project Management: 4,400,000 13,200,000
Eco-Tourism Development Programme/Tourism Marketing, Product Development, Human Resource Development, Community Tourism, Institutional Support for Public/Private Sector, Programme Management Unit 5,990,000 17,970,001
Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association (DHTA) /Society for Historic Architecture and Preservation (SHAPE) Institutional Strengthening Programme (ISP) Managerial and Administrative Support, Office Support, Short Term TA Fund, Promotions/Marketing Fund, Support to Members and Income Generating Programmes 250,000 750,000
Private Sector Development Programme - Business Gateway Business Gateway to provide Improved access to start up businesses with respect to counselling, business planning, information on trade opportunities and expert, targeted technical support, To provide upgrading for existing enterprises in terms of productivity enhancement, market access, product development and other related technical assistance Improved quality of the environmental and services available for business. 1 000 000 3 000 000
Information & Communication Technology ICT Programmes 1.ICT, e-business Strategy Development, Business Skills Development and e-business (ICT) incubators, Capacity building – enhancing skills base of work force, Legislative and regulatory framework, Business-oriented e-government initiatives 5,300,000 15,900,000
Carib Territory Water Supply/DOWASCO
(Phase 1 & 2)
Bataka Tank, Secondary Distribution Line and other improvements Works for the new supply system and Concorde distribution system, and Supervision Services 1,800,000 5,400,000
Road Improvement & Maintenance Programme
(Phase 1 & 2)
Long-Term TA/Programme Manager (Strategic Planning, Training, Phase II Financing Agreement), Purchase Equipment and Supplies 3,600,000 10,800,000