11th EDF B Envelope State Building Contract

11th EDF (B Envelope) State Building Contract:

Rehabilitation of Feeder/Farm Access Roads

The overall objective is to support Dominica’s strategy for recovery and reconstruction and become a climate-smart resilient country, thus contributing to the long-term sustainable economic development. The specific objective is to contribute to building a climate-resilient agricultural sector by rehabilitating segments of key feeder/farm access roads in the different agricultural regions:

  • Morpo (Macaton), Grand Bay – South Agricultural Region
  • Formie, Castle Bruce – East Agriculture Region
  • Boplan, Paix Bouche – North Agriculture Region
  • Agriculture Station Road, La Plaine - South-East Agriculture Region
  • Middle Ridge, Calibishie - North-East Agriculture Region
  • Mango Gutter, Wesley - North-East Agriculture Region
  • Grand Riviere, LaPlaine - South-East Agriculture Region
  • Cuba /Carholm Road - Central Agriculture Region
  • Morne Rachette - West Agriculture Region